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Home Automation & Integration

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Home Automation & Integration


Home Automation and Integration

Automation Simplified

Elegance, convenience and functionality combine to form a harmonious atmosphere for any home. Home automation offers endless value with many smart home technologies being combined into one easy to use system. Home automation can offer convenience, comfort, security and energy savings by integrating lighting, temperature, security, audio and video into one simple device. It can even pay for itself through energy savings, while increasing the value and enjoyment of your home.

Home Automation Features

Temperature-Why should you blemish the elegance of your home with a not-so-elegant thermostat sprouting from your wall? A home automation system can integrate your heating and cooling controls into one simple remote control.

Security-A security breach can trigger all of the lights in your home to turn on, full strength which will deter even the boldest intruder.

Movies-With the touch of a button, the lights dim and the movie begins.

Music-Your home can have an entertaining setting that when activated can turn the music on to just the right level throughout the home and set the lights just right for the perfect dinner party.

We will work with you to design a custom system that suits the needs and lifestyle of your family.