Multi-Zone Audio

Multi-Zone Audio


What is Multi-Zone Audio?

Multi-Zone Audio is an audio system that allows for the distribution of music to multiple rooms. There are many ways to build these systems ranging from simple to sophisticated. You can listen to your iPod in every room, or have your playlist on in the Kitchen, while the kids have theirs playing by the pool.

How does it work?

Today's audio distribution systems are designed to deliver superior audio performance throughout your home with interactive keypads that are very user friendly. The audio control keypads can be as simple as a volume control for your patio BBQ to a full-color LCD touch panel. They can be used to control not only audio/video components but also integrate systems such as lighting, temperature, doorbells, intercoms and security.


What kind of setup do you want?

Our designers and technicians are skilled in delivering compact footprints with in-wall/ceiling speaker systems that match your interior designer's decor and create an invisible sound experience.