Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum


Your Healthy Home

According to the EPA, regular cleaning with a central vacuum system that is vented to the outside can reduce allergy-causing agents and rid your home of biological contaminants such as dust, bacteria and pollens. Low Voltage Service’s built-in central vacuum system offers the added advantage of Vacuflo® patented True Cyclonic Separation which eliminates the need for messy bags or vacuum filters that can clog and reduce cleaning effectiveness over time. 96 - 98% of the dust and dirt sucked into the system is deposited into the clear dirt canister, while the remaining 2 - 4% is exhausted to the outdoors.


What are the benefits of owning a VACUFLO central vacuum system?


Top Tier Quality

Quality products, great service and a trusted name since 1948, and it's all backed by the best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry!


Eliminate Allergens

100% of ALL vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens are removed from the living space and leaves no "vacuum smell," perfect for families with allergy and asthma sufferers, or pets.


Deep Cleaning Power

Exclusive patented Cyclonic Filtration Technology®provides maximum power, filtration and consistent cleaning performance every time you vacuum.

A cleaner home

The quality of the product is such that all installed units come with a lifetime warranty on the motor. The unit is virtually maintenance free. Simply empty the 5-gallon container when necessary (about 2 - 3 times per year) and this vacuum system will last a lifetime.

There are numerous attachments, features and tool kits available to further add to the value of this product to your home and lifestyle. VacPan automatic dustpans, TurboCat Plus Turbine self-adjusting Powerheads and RugRat handheld turbine powerheads make cleaning your home a joy!

Have a cleaner home today

It’s easy to have a healthier, cleaner home today by taking a few simple steps to clear the air.