Home Theater

Home Theater

The movie begins when the lights dim

Great home theatre from Low Voltage Service starts with design. Our design team will evaluate your needs, budget and desires and design a system that will maximize your home viewing experience. Control with the touch of a single button, and no clutter is what we strive for.

The complete setup

Your home theatre space should include the best audio and video components, seating and lighting to create a theatre experience on par with theatres that people pay to enjoy.

As a direct dealer for Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, and SIM2 we can purchase LCD, LED, SXRD, DLP and other home theatre technologies and systems direct from the manufacturer and customize and install these solutions in your home at highly competitive prices.

Ready for a home theater experience?

Our technicians will work with you, your builder and/or architect to integrate craftsmanship and technology with user-friendly products of the highest quality.